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Czech Republic - candidate to host the EMG2023

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

The Czech Republic proposes to host the 16th European Maccabi Games (EMG) 2023

in Ostrava and Olomouc.

The Czech Republic lies in the heart of Europe with very good connections to all countries by plane, train or on road.

Ostrava hosted the 1st EMG ever in 1929. Currently, Ostrava is the 3rd largest city in Czechia with approx. 286.000 inhabitants.The city lies just 10 km south of the border with Poland, 50 km west of the border with Slovakia and has an international airport. Additionally, Ostrava is 360 km from Prague, 96 km from Olomouc, 170 km from Brno, 90 km from Katowice and 310 km from Vienna.

Olomouc is the 6th biggest city in Czechia with approx. 100.000 inhabitants, it is a city with the second biggest historical area in the country and also nice sports facilities.

Since there are not all sports facilities, Olomouc can complete some sports events such as swimming, equestrian, fencing, archery, tennis…

Ostrava facilities

• Fairground - pavilion A "Černá louka"

• Good facilities for table tennis, badminton, see more here.

• Just 600m from the pavilion A there are even newly renovated halls Trojhalí with very high ceilings including space for basketball, voleyball …

• Nearby the facilites was built a coking plant Karolina by the famous Jewish entrepreneur Salomon Mayer Rotschild (1843-1858).

• There are three nicely renovated halls for sports as well as cultural events, so there is no problem to arrange Kabalat shabat there (capacity for more than 4,500 people).

More info about Trojhalí here.

Football area in Ostrava

• Area of the Academy of the football club FC Baník Ostrava is newly built.

• Area is approx. 2 – 3 minutes from the city center.

• For more information about the architecture project, click here.

• City stadium "Městský stadion" Ostrava is well known as the place of the big athletic event Zlatá tretra. More information here.

New sport facilities built in Ostrava

• In 2021 nearby the Pavilion A, there will be two new modern university buildings for sports/sports diagnostics and art.

• This project costs approx. € 36 mil.

• More information available here.

Accomodation in Ostrava – except many small hotels there are also:

• In the city center is the hotel Imperial

• Hotel Mercure

Sports facilities in Olomouc

Modern equestrian outdoor/indoor hall BUKEFALOS incl. accomodation for participants. The facility was built only a few years ago, it is just 5 minute drive to the city center.

Olomouc has 50m swimming pool/swimming hall walking distance from the city center.

NH Hotel nearby indoor tennis hall as well as the swimming hall. In Olomouc there are also other 4* hotels (Clarion, Ibis, …).

The synagogue in Olomouc was built in years 1895-1897 and served to the Jewish community until 1939.

The first day of the German occupation (15th March 1939) marks the destruction of the synagogue by local Nazis...

… after the fire, the building was demolished and until 1955 the area was completely empty …

The Communists erected a huge statue of Lenin and Stalin in 1955, which was removed in 1990! The picture below shows the statue in 1989 decorated with baloons to point out the need of removing it.

Today, the area of former synagogue serves as a parking lot and is owned by the Jewish community. The nearby building has a commemorative plate to the memory of 2,292 shoah victims of local Jewish community.

Another commemorative plate can be for example found on the building of the school Hálkova located nearby the railwaystation...

... is the commemorative plate to the memory of the deportation of 3,499 people from the Olomouc region in 5 transports AAf, AAg, AAm, AAo and AE7 to Terezín where only 288 of them survived ...

The shoah victims are also commemorated on the so called commemorative stones "Stolpersteine" in front of their previous homes before deportation to the concentration camps. Stolpersteine have information about the victim's year of birth, date of deportation and the place of murder...

If you want to know more about the cities of Ostrava and Olomouc, click on the city below:

If you want to know more about the Jewish life, click on the following links:

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